Aerotoxic Film

AEROTOXIC FILM Due for release in 2016

Aerotoxic is an investigative feature length documentary that reveals the truth about the poisonous concoction of chemicals we are put at risk to every time we board an aeroplane. Passengers and crew all around the world are boarding flights, unaware that the air they are breathing is coming straight off the aircraft engines, unfiltered. Former British Airways Captain, Tristan Loraine, takes on the aviation industry in his 15-year battle to expose an epic breach of human rights; telling the stories of passengers, plane crash survivors, pilots, flight attendants, politicians, air accident investigators, doctors and scientists.

Directed by

Tristan Loraine

Produced by

Tristan Loraine producer
Adrian G. Pop executive producer

Music by

Moritz Schmittat

Cinematography by

Nicholas Eriksson

Production Design by

Luke Tristan Haines

Camera and Electrical Department

Abramo De Licio steadicam operator


Fact Not Fiction Films releases ‘TEASER TRAILER’ for ADR. Full feature to be premiered in Cannes May 2014 – Cinema release Feb 2015

Investment Opportunities available at ‘A Dark Reflection’ official website



Mournful Whale Productions has announced that it has formally green-lit production of its’ latest short, The Cold Reception.

The Cold Reception

Written by new writer, Joshua Douglas-Walton, the short follows the story of a collapsing friendship over the course of a seemingly cordial dinner party. The film will be directed by Nick Tingley in what will be his first straight drama piece on film.

“I’m really excited to be working with Mournful Whale,” says Joshua. “I’ve been working on the script a long time and I’ve seen it go from strength to strength. Nick’s vision for the film has given me a new found sense of enthusiasm for the project as a whole and together I’m confident we can produce a captivating little drama filled with clever dialogue, emotionally charged scenes and great performances.”

Speaking on The Cold Reception, Nick stated,  “It is a break from my usual style but it is a project that I can’t readily shy away from. Josh’s script is so brilliantly crafted and wonderfully bitter.”


 Status  Completed shooting end of October and now in post-production with view to an early 2014 release date.


Cast and Crew

Desmond  Adrian Annis

Wesley Michael Robinson

Claire Cat Arnell

Diana  Hannah Webster


Director  Nick Tingley

Script Supervisor/Rushes  Gemma Chitty

DOP   Steve Hill

Camera  Tim Russell

Art Director/Art Department  Luke Tristan Haines

Sound  David Irving


The Enigmatic World of Joseph Boshier


On September 29th 1948 the first two floors of Chesney Court buckled and the ten storey concrete structure collapsed leaving three dead and forty seven injured.


Ten years earlier the building was proclaimed as a breakthrough in design and construction, the collapse of the building shook the architectural world and the public at large.

Although the subsequent inquiry could find no obvious reason for the disaster, the press singled out the architect, Joseph Boshier, for blame. Joseph Boshier was a successful London architect with several impressive projects behind him – now his career was in ruins. After a nervous breakdown and estrangement from his wife and child Joseph became a virtual recluse. He disappeared from the architectural scene and was forgotten. On his death in 1982 his south London home revealed a staggering trove of intricate wooden sculptures and a mass of drawings and writings.

Subsisting for decades on a tiny income, he had produced a series of extraordinary sculptures, collaging new forms out of salvaged wood – often using his own floorboards and furniture and re-working them with an obsessive joinery. His largest piece echoes the L-shape structure of Chesney Court but also resembles a curiosity cabinet or old fashioned front room sideboard.

These works are not architectural models of Chesney Court but perhaps an exploration of the lives lived within and an expression of the guilt and loss felt by the architect. A fretwork of wooden pieces built up in layers allows glimpses of what lies within – artifacts and ephemera that Joseph may have held dear, although thus far the photographs have not been identified as any of those killed in the disaster. In a sense he lifted the roof off a block of flats and showed how people transform their homes and create meaning for themselves and their own history within it. Perhaps they speak to us of our own mortality.

From 8 November to 6 December 2013, Lesley Hilling presents a retrospective exhibition of Joseph Boshier’s work. Ivano Darra & Walter G. Reed’s new and definitive documentary film about his life and work, The Uncovering of Joseph Boshier, will be launched at this event and will be showing for the duration of the exhibition.

The exhibition “The Enigmatic World Of Joseph Boshier” will open on Friday 8th November until Friday 6th December 2013 at the StandPoint Gallery in Hoxton, London, and it will feature the new documentary “The Uncovering Of Joseph Boshier” produced by Ion Products.


A Dark Reflection


‘Erin Brockovich’  meets ‘All the Presidents Men’

The feature film ‘ A Dark Reflection’,  tells the story of a chilling conspiracy at the heart of the aviation industry. Billed as ‘Erin Brockovich’  meets ‘All the Presidents Men’, the fact based film is based on director Tristan Loraine’s own experience as a Commercial Pilot.
British-born actress, Ms Georgina Sutcliffe, Paul Antony-Barber and Ms Marina Sirtis, known for her role as ‘Deanna Troi’ in Star Trek are just a few of the actors starring in the film. It tells the story of an air traffic controller who is suspended following a serious incident. When his journalist wife (Sutcliffe) a reporter at the newspaper ‘The Sussex Standard’ starts to ask questions, she uncovers a disturbing succession of cover-ups dating back to 1954.

 Status   Just completed foreign shooting and in post-production with view for a release date of early May 2015

Production Details

For full cast and crew details please visit  ‘A Dark Reflection’  the official website.

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