a dark reflection – teaser

Premiered at Cannes in May 2014


‘Erin Brockovich’  meets ‘All the Presidents Men’

The feature film ‘ A Dark Reflection’,  tells the story of a chilling conspiracy at the heart of the aviation industry. Billed as ‘Erin Brockovich’  meets ‘All the Presidents Men’, the fact based film is based on director Tristan Loraine’s own experience as a Commercial Pilot.
British-born actress, Ms Georgina Sutcliffe, Paul Antony-Barber and Ms Marina Sirtis, known for her role as ‘Deanna Troi’ in Star Trek are just a few of the actors starring in the film. It tells the story of an air traffic controller who is suspended following a serious incident. When his journalist wife (Sutcliffe) a reporter at the newspaper ‘The Sussex Standard’ starts to ask questions, she uncovers a disturbing succession of cover-ups dating back to 1954.

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Production Details – Fact Not Fiction Films 

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