animal charm

Art House poster for Animal Charm

Animal Charm – Art House poster for independent film

Animal Charm

A film Directed by Ben Charles Edwards

Written By Ben Charles Edwards & Dominic Wells.

Produced by Ben Charles Edwards and Glassloves.

Animal Charm is a British indie mini feature.   Sadie Frost (Gloria Swanson eat DeMille’s heart out) Sally Phillips and Emily Beecham appear in the film along with Boy George, Michael Urie and a few other faces.



During her performance in a tasteless musical based on Animal Farm, Ex fashion designer and fur fanatic, Anne Thrope (Sadie Frost) is kidnapped by a group of animal activists led by her nemesis, Audrey Hoober (Sally Phillips). However, have the activists bitten off more than they can chew? With the help and hindrance of Thrope’s put upon assistant, Verdell, the police close in on the kidnappers. But is too late? And is it Anne that needs salvation…?